Why Us?

Many companies or home based providers offer video transfers, but few deliver the quality of transfers, level of service, competitive pricing and value that we provide. Please take a minute and read on to see what makes us a great company of choice.

A Great One-on-One Customer Experience

Our philosophy is simple; we’re here to provide high-quality home video transfers with prompt and personable service. We want your experience with our company to be a great one from start to finish.

  • We’re committed to high service levels, from little things like having a live representative answering our phones, to being responsive to your needs and accommodating special requests.
  • We are studio direct and do not ship your tapes to third party providers or send them out of province, country or overseas like most large companies offering this service.  All work is done in our head office in Kelowna.
  • We provide very fast turnaround.  Most transfers complete within 2-5 working days.
  • Rush and same day service available (please call in advance).
  • We handle your valuable home movies with thoughtful care and attention in a safe and secure environment.
  • We can handle entire collections in multiple formats.  A one stop shop!

DVD Features: Just Plug and Play!

  • All of our DVD transfers  have 5 minute chapters (for skipping forward) and an auto-play feature.  Just place your DVD in the player and it will play automatically!
  • We use quality professional brand name DVDs  compatible with most every DVD and Blu-ray player, and computer DVD drive.
  • Each DVD is manually spot checked as part of our quality assurance process.
  • Upon completion, your DVDs are attached to each original tape so you can organize, cross reference, label etc.
  • Extra DVD copies (recommended) are offered at a very low price of $5.00-$7.00 each. Great for backup copies or to share with family and friends.
  • Our DVDs are not protected so you can make your own copies if you like.
  • We offer a 30-day guarantee with each transfer. In the unlikely event there is a conversion error, we will re-convert at no extra charge. (Please recognize that old or damaged tapes may include visual noise and disruption that is not correctable.)

Transfer your Video Tape and Film to External Hard Drive

Does the filmmaker within want to do some editing? Transferring your tapes and film to external hard drive is a great option leaving you in control to edit and make your own DVDs, or upload your videos to YouTube or a cloud service.

  • Transfers to external hard drives are done in either MOV (Apple) or AVI (Windows)
  • We utilize high-grade convertors with TBC (time-based correctors) and built in PROC amps (image correctors/enhancers) stabilizing problematic formats like VHS.  Our high-quality equipment can make a huge difference in comparison to cheap convertors.
  • You can provide the hard drive (must be formatted to either Windows or Mac and come with its own power supply), or we can provide a Western Digital external drive at very reasonable pricing.  USB flash drive can also be used.
  • Call us or contact us for special pricing, answers to questions, or to make arrangements for your order.

The Right Technology - The Right People - The Right Company

Our process, equipment and expertise can make all the difference in the quality and compatibility of your transfers. Our goal is to provide the best value while maintaining high-quality standards.

  • We invest in current technology and hard to find vintage gear to help ensure superior transfers. Older equipment is often vastly superior to more recent decks and players for older tape formats.
  • We utilize VHS, Hi8 and MiniDV hardware that is equipped with built in TBC (time-based correctors) and/or noise reduction filters which can be beneficial to improving both DVD and hard drive transfers. We also incorporate external TBC and PROC amps (image enhancers and stabilizers) when required.
  • All 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV and HDV are transferred digitally to DVD or hard drives , versus analogue to DVD or hard drive recording which reduces quality.
  • 8mm and 16mm film transfers are done digitally frame-by-frame, providing very high-quality transfers.
  • S-VHS recordings are transferred on true S-VHS players to maintain full quality resolution which is nearly double that of a standard VHS.
  • DVD transfers are hardware-to-hardware based, minimizing issues associated with hardware-to-computer conversions.

We Bend Over Backwards with Flexible Options

Over the many years that we’ve been providing this service, we’ve become accustomed to accommodating many special requests. As such, we’re pleased to offer the following optional services that may help meet your needs.

  • Transfer tapes and film reels to DVD, portable hard drive, Blu-ray, USB memory sticks or online uploads to cloud services.
  • Special packaging, labels or menu authoring.
  • Inexpensive minor edits of long gaps or unwanted sections of tape.
  • Combining multiple tapes to one DVD or Blu-ray (per tape charges still apply).
  • Restoration, colour enhancements, major editing or other special requests.

Your Appreciated Orders

Please feel free to contact us prior to your order, so we can answer questions, confirm pricing and arrange to facilitate your order

Kelowna and Area:  1-800-832-0844

Vancouver:  604-343-2776

Toll Free:  1-800-832-0844

E-mail us – click here

  • We’re open 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) from 9am-4pm (except holidays).
  • We welcome orders of video tapes/film reels throughout B.C. and Alberta (please call first) with volume discounts and excellent delivery rates. We confirm all deliveries via phone or email and update you on the status of your order.  Please call us first for more details. 
  • Drop off orders are available at our Kelowna location at 3022 Tutt Street.
  • Vacationing near us? No problem, we can usually make arrangements to complete your order while you’re in town!  Please call in advance so we can make arrangements.

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