Video8, Digital8 & Hi8 to DVD

Remember these guys? Video8 and Hi8 tapes are the tapes that were used in popular video camcorders in the 1990s. No doubt you have countless birthdays, Christmas and family vacations footage stored up on these little tapes, but how can you watch them? We can transfer them for you!

We transfer video film formats, such as Hi8, Video8, MiniDV, HDV and DVCAM tapes to DVD and digital formats, including hard drive (provided by customer). Most of these tapes are still in decent shape, but if they are sitting in a closet unwatchable, what was the point of all those hours behind the lens? Dig them out and bring them to us, so we can make them easy to watch by converting them to a convenient digital format!

Of course, there’s another consideration too. As with all tape formats, the tape degrades and deteriorates over time, so the longer your old camcorder tapes are left sitting, the worse they get. Bring them to our professional team before it is too late!

This will not only save your memories, but it will also make your videos much easier to enjoy.


HI8, VIDEO8, DIGITAL8 to DVD (Hard Drive Optional)

Length of Tape

Price (each)

Volume Discount (each)
10 or more of any tapes

Up to 30 Minutes



Up to 120 Minutes



Pal to NTSC DVDAdd $5.00 per tape

Transfer to External Hard DriveAdd $5.00 per tape (plus hard drive)

Additional DVD Copies  — $5.00 (Each at time of order), and $7.00(Order Later)

When will I get them back?

We offer very fast turn around time on Hi8 to DVD formats. Most orders are usually ready in 2-5 working days. For transfers of multiple tapes to hard drive, please allow 5-7 working days. Rush service is available, with same day service optional, on small to medium sized orders, if arranged in advance (please call us).

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