Super 8, 16mm & 8mm Film to DVD

Super 8, 16mm and 8mm film deteriorates rapidly over time. Such film formats are increasingly rare, and as a result, professional companies who are able to handle such delicate film with the care and skill it requires are rarer still. That’s where we come in…

At Transfer to Digital, we’re a professional company capable of transferring your old film formats, including 16mm film, Super 8 film, and 8mm film to DVD. With us, an experienced video technician (our technician has over 35 years’ experience in TV and film) will handle your film. Unlike many major suppliers, we ensure that your film will never be shipped out of province or overseas – reducing the risk of lost, damaged or mishandled film.

Some 8mm film can be more than 80 years old, but no matter the age of your film, or the size of your order, we treat all reels with the same respect, care and attention! That’s why we inspect, repair (if necessary), clean and lubricate all orders. The film is then converted frame-by-frame using a state-of-the-art digital image scanner – the scanner captures the images in HD. From there, your film is transferred into the format of your choosing; DVD; Blu-ray or USB stick/external hard drive (perfect for editing – hard drive to be provided by customer).

Transferring these old film formats over is not just about protecting the memories stored on the film (although that is a big part of it), it’s also about making your old home movies easier to play, watch and share! When you get your film formats transferred over to DVD, Blu-ray or hard drive, you’ll be able to share the videos with friends and family, so they can relive the memories too!

We’re committed to providing high-quality transfers. Transfer your 8mm film, 16mm film or Super8 film formats with Transfer to Digital today!


FILM to DVD (Hard Drive Optional)


Price (each)

8mm, 16mm & Super8 (to DVD)

$29.95 (first 150ft)
$0.30ft. after that

 8mm with audio

$0.45 / foot + $30.00 set-up fee

16mm-$0.45ft with or without audio

$30.00 set-up fee


$50.00 (flat fee)

Transfer to  External Hard Drive or DVD

Film Editing Services — $75.00 per hour

When will I get them back?

We offer very fast turn around time on film reels to DVD. For transfers of multiple tapes to hard drive, please allow 2-3 weeks. Rush service is available, with same day service optional, on small to medium sized orders, if arranged in advance (please call us).

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