DVCam, HDV & MiniDV Tapes to DVD

You’re most likely to find MiniDV, HDV and DVCAM tapes confined to attics and closets these days. At one time, they were one of the most popular video formats! However; these days, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who knows what they are, let alone have a device on which to play them… unless you still have your old camera and all the bits and pieces it came with! Our professional video team will convert your entire DVCAM, HDV and MiniDV tapes to a digital format!

Converting your DVCAM, HDV and MiniDV tapes to DVD, Blu-ray or hard drive (provided by customer) offers multiple advantages as it makes them much easier to play. In addition, it makes them much easier to preserve and duplicate, so you can protect your precious memories for years to come!

Don’t wait before it is too late though… these tapes deteriorate over time, so get them down to us as soon as you can. Save your memories!


MINIDV, HDV, DVCAM to DVD (Hard Drive Optional)

Length of Tape

Price (each)

Volume Discount (each)
10 or more of any tapes

Up to 30 Minutes



Up to 120 Minutes



HDV Tape to Blu-Ray (MiniDV, HDV, DVCam)Add $5.00 per tape

Transfer to External Hard DriveAdd $5.00 per tape (plus hard drive)

Additional DVD Copies  — $5.00 (Each at time of order), and $7.00(Order Later)

When will I get them back?

We offer very fast turn around time on MiniDV formats to DVD formats. Most orders are usually ready in 2-5 working days. For transfers of multiple tapes to hard drive, please allow 5-7 working days. Rush service is available, with same day service optional, on small to medium sized orders, if arranged in advance (please call us).

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