CD and DVD Duplication

DVDs and CDs have many advantages over old tape formats. For instance, DVDs and CDs can be easily and inexpensively duplicated many times over (imagine duplicating a VHS!)  That means that you can make as many copies as you like to share with friends and family members. You can also store copies for safekeeping! Unlike VHS tapes or other tapes formats, DVDs and CDs are great for mailing and sharing too.

DVDs and CDs are also much more durable than their old tape predecessors too, meaning that a small investment in getting your tapes transferred over, as well as creating a few backup copies, is well worth it!



Call for details and questions! Ask about bulk discounts on large orders.

When do I get them back?

This is partly dependent upon the number and duration of the tapes you want transferred, but we aim to turn duplication projects around in a matter of days.

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