Cassette Tapes to CD & MP3

Do you remember that awesome band that you were in back in 1986, or the first mix tape that your spouse made for you? You probably thought those memories were destined to stay in cassette form forever, well not anymore! That’s right; we are able to convert your old cassette tapes to CD! Our sophisticated player can even recognize pauses on the cassette, and break it down into tracks on a CD! After this is done, we can also create custom CD labels, custom CD packaging and more!

Just as with VHS and other tape formats, the tape on cassettes deteriorates over time, so it is important to get it transferred as soon as possible. Not only does it make your old tapes much easier to enjoy, it also preserves your memories for years to come! Just promise not to revive the band…




Price (each)

Volume Discount (each)
10 or more cassettes

Cassette (Any length)






Reel to Reel

Large -$24.95 (flat fee)

Reel to Reel

Small -$19.95 (flat fee)

Additional CD Copies  — $4.00 (Each at time of order), and $5.00 (Order Later)

When do I get them back?

This is partly dependent upon the number and duration of the cassettes you want transferred, but we aim to turn cassette transfer projects around in a week.

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