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Why is video transfer necessary?

Video transfers are necessary to preserve your treasured memories. Tape deteriorates over time meaning that old video tapes can eventually become unplayable. However; thanks to modern technology and our skilled video team, we transfer video film formats such as Hi8, Video8, MiniDV, HDV and DVCAM tapes to DVD, hard drive (provided by customer) or USB. This will not only save your memories, but it will also make your videos much easier to enjoy.

We also believe our process is superior to many of our competitors, as we do not ship tapes out of province or overseas. We also use a hardware-to-hardware process to protect against data loss. We do everything with the customer in mind and we value and appreciate your business and trust. Your tapes and film will be in safe hands with us!

Here are some of our key services.

DVD, HDD and Blu-ray Transfers


VHS tapes are pretty much obsolete these days. The last big-budget Hollywood movie to be released in VHS format was put out over half a decade ago! Over the coming years, VHS tapes and VCR players will become even more of a rarity. We are equipped to handle all VHS formats including PAL, NTSC and even the S-VHS and VHS-C formats of videotape.

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Super 8, 16mm & 8mm Film to DVD & MP4

If you have any family movies on these old film formats, they are likely already fading fast in your attic somewhere. We are equipped to transfer these delicate and increasingly rare film reels to DVD. If there is a smell coming from your film canisters, it is time to act. That is a sign of heavy deterioration.

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Video8, Digital8, Hi8 to DVD & MP4

Remember these guys? Video8 and Hi8 tapes are the tapes that were used in popular video camcorders in the 1990s. No doubt you have countless birthdays, Christmas and family vacations footage stored up on these little tapes, but how can you watch them? We can transfer them for you!

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DVCam, HDV & MiniDV Tapes to DVD & MP4

You’re most likely to find MiniDV, HDV and DVCAM tapes confined to attics and closets these days. At one time, they were one of the most popular video formats! However; these days, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who knows what they are, let alone have a device on which to play them…

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Slide to Digital Image (TIF and JPG)

Our professional slide scanners will restore your images to the best possible quality. We offer a few tiers of scanning quality from 2500dpi all the way up to an incredible 10,000dpi! Our scanners automatically remove dust and lint that would otherwise degrade the quality of the digital images captured. We also offer services to reduce fading and restore colour balance.

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Cassette Tapes to CD & Mp3

Do you remember that awesome band that you were in back in 1986, or the first mix tape that your spouse made for you? You probably thought those memories were destined to stay in cassette form forever, well not anymore! That’s right; we are able to convert your old music tapes to CD! Our sophisticated player can even recognize pauses on the cassette and break it down into tracks on a CD! After this is done, we can also create custom CD labels, custom CD packaging and more!

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CD and DVD Duplication

DVDs and CDs can be easily and inexpensively duplicated many times over. That means that you can make countless copies to share with friends and family members. You can also store copies for safekeeping! Unlike VHS tapes or other tapes formats, DVDs and CDs are great for mailing and sharing. We can make as many copies for you as you’d like, so get sharing!

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Creative Services

Our creative services department can edit your tapes and enhance the quality. Once your video or audio has been successfully transferred, our creative services department also offers a range of custom creative services to provide you with packaging for your new digital formats. We offer custom DVD packaging, custom CD packaging and labels, and a range of other custom media packaging.

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