About Us

Transfer to Digital is owned and operated by Media Button Communications Inc., a B.C. premiere video production company services small, medium and large size businesses.   Throughout a decade of professional video experience, Media Button was continually approached about home movie video transfers. Realizing that transferring VHS and other video tape formats to DVD was an important, in-demand  service, we started Transfer to Digital.  Our philosophy is simple. We’re committed to providing high-quality video transfers, value and a great customer experience. We are 100% local. We do not mail your tapes out of province or overseas where they can be lost or damaged; we do all transfers in B.C.!

The Transfer to Digital team consists of experienced video professionals who utilize our high-quality equipment to help ensure excellent standards.  Transfer to Digital’s video professionals are expertly trained in handling all video formats from video tapes/VHS to DVD, MiniDV to DVD, Video8/Hi8/Digital8 to DVD to 8mm/16mm film to DVD. We understand how valuable your memories are and we handle them with the utmost care, attention and dedication that you would expect from a professional video transfer company.

We’re pleased to help you protect and enjoy some of life’s most precious memories and we are committed to your complete satisfaction.

Ready to capture your memories for a lifetime? Get started!

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